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Custom Orthotics Glenroy

Oak Park Family Chiropractic offers a wide range of orthotics to residents in Glenroy & surrounding areas.

Our Chiropractors utilise Foot Levelers, a high tech computerised foot analysis system which can diagnose problems with your feet and if necessary, prescribe custom-made orthotics.

Glenroy Orthotics

Sometimes, if not most of the time, we take our feet for granted until problems arise. Lower limb and foot problems can harm your spinal health, which can in turn affect the rest of your body. For residents in Glenroy, orthotics services are readily available to address these issues. We recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have issues with your feet?
  • Do you have flat feet, or fallen arches?
  • Do you get back pain or spine pain?
  • Do you have knee pain?
  • Are you experiencing hip discomfort?
  • Are your bunions, shin splints, calluses, or hammer toes causing you discomfort?
  • Do your feet issues trouble you the whole day?
  • Do you enjoy playing sports and want to perform to your best ability?

If your answer to any of these questions is a “Yes,” then take advantage of our FREE foot assessment and Scan on the Foot Levelers 3D digital foot scanner to see if you would benefit from orthotic therapy. Insoles that you buy off the shelf are not custom made. It would be unwise to use glasses not your own, so why should you utilise something not designed for you?

Like our eyewear, insoles must be customised. Therefore offering the best possible support and relief from the symptoms and conditions mentioned above is something you will benefit from.Orthotics can assist to relieve pain in the feet legs, hips, knees, hips and back. They aid in maintaining and improving your spine’s health and other parts of your body.


Orthotics Glenroy

Custom Orthotics Glenroy

Orthotics FAQs

When is it appropriate to get custom orthotics?

Your healthcare provider may recommend orthotics if you have Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or runners knee. If you have pain in your feet, ankles or legs, you should talk to a professional.

Can my orthotics work with any shoes?

Although orthotics can technically be put in any shoe, it all depends on how fit and comfortable they are. Shoes with a higher heel count (the part that goes up around your ankle) fit well with orthotics. It is important to ensure that your orthotics do not make the shoe tighter than necessary.

Are custom orthotics better than over-the-counter?

Custom orthotics are designed to ensure it fits your feet. They are made based on your foot structure, gait, and measurements. They can provide the best support possible for you. Over-the-counter orthotics, on the other hand, are mass-produced and may not be a good fit. Although they can still provide some benefits, they are unlikely to be as helpful as custom orthotics.

How long can custom orthotics be used for?

The length of time your orthotics will last varies from person to person and depends on how often you wear them and the type of activity you do. Orthotics can last as long as 10 years if properly maintained. Over time, the top cover can begin to wear down and will need replacing before the orthotics.

What are the different types of orthotics?

There are many options for orthotics depending on your personal needs.You can choose from full and half-length orthotics or slim orthotics to fit your narrower, lower, or more open shoes. Sports orthotics are also available for you to use while exercising or doing physical activity.

Are orthotics a good option for back pain?

In some cases, orthotics provide relief for back pain. Orthotics can correct bad posture or alignment to relieve pain and provide support.

Do I need to wear orthotics for life?

Each individual’s situation will determine how long you need to wear your orthotics. If you have been prescribed orthotics, you should wear them for as long and as necessary to achieve the desired effect. It may take forever, but it might be shorter depending on your specific needs.

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