Julie Redmond

Julie Redmond


At the tender age of 16 I was rather abruptly introduced to the world of health care after I injured my ACL (knee) whilst skiing. The Physiotherapist that I saw at that time converted me to manual therapies; her hands on approach taught me the benefits of massage, and combined with specific exercise & advice my knee was restored to its former glory.

This experience inspired me to a career in musculoskeletal health, so I went on to study Remedial Massage & Myotherapy at RMIT, as well as Personal Training.

In clinical practice I strive to combine massage techniques, client education and movement to remedy a variety of muscular complaints. I particularly enjoy treating pre-natal clients (pregnancy) and restoring muscular balance to overuse or postural based aches and pains. In 2017 I also expanded my skills to include Oncology massage – a rewarding experience which now allows me to offer treatment to those with a history or diagnosis of cancer.

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