Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards


My love of yoga started quite a few years ago. After falling ill, I was feeling lost and disconnected with myself. A girlfriend was doing yoga at the time and encouraged me to come along. I came away from my first class feeling clearer than I had in months. My biggest realisation was how physically disconnected I had become from myself. Yoga has given me back my connection to my mind and body and also made me realise that I hadn’t been listening to what I needed – a holistic approach to heal myself, so my yoga journey began. I didn’t want to just heal myself, I wanted to learn more, to study yoga and share this practice with everyone.

I was introduced to an amazing human, Samir Rane who runs Yoga and Meditation school of India, and my training began. What a beautifully, life changing experience that was. Since completing my training, I began putting myself out into the community teaching yoga at Footscray Hospital, to an incredibly inspiring group of people at Ascot Vale Community Centre, and running classes from my home studio.

I am feeling amazing and ready for this next adventure.

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