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Arbour was born out of our love of yoga.  It brings such calmness, balance and clarity into every aspect of our lives. We pride ourselves on being a small studio with intimate classes where we have time to focus and adjust each student to get the most out of their practise. Because of this, we welcome all abilities from beginners through to the more experienced – so come along and join us on the mat.

All classes are casual, which means you are welcome to come and join the classes that fit into your schedule. No terms, no contracts, just yoga when you need it!

What is Yoga?

Generally Yoga is recognised as an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices dating back more than 2500 years from the Vedic tradition of the Himalayas and India. It is a system that is based on experiential practice and self-enquiry, and relates primarily to the workings and nature of the human mind.

Yoga cultivates physical, emotional, mental and social health through the regular practice of various different techniques, including breath awareness and breathing exercises, postures and movement, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation.

Our classes are created to empower each person to feel good about themselves, regardless of experience, physical ability or fitness level.
We believe yoga should be accessible to everyone and our prices are a reflection of this.

Yoga Oak Park

What happens in a class

Arbour Yoga instructors Kim Edwards and Leisha Newman offer hour long classes that embrace the elements of ashtanga, hatha & chakra yoga. Combining breath work, movement & meditation to create inner balance, strength and an overall sense of health & wellbeing.

Yoga classes
Strengthening, stretching muscles & minds, increasing flexibility, core strength & posture, creating harmony both in class & in daily life.

Yin classes
Calming, centring & focusing bodies & thoughts through gradual, slow, mindful movements, increasing overall awareness of self.

Yoga nidra/ meditation

Using breathing techniques (pranyam) in a relaxing comfortable space, we will guide you through an hour long mediation, relaxing muscle, refocusing your mind and leaving you with an overall sense of peace and connection to your whole being.

For more information on class times and the different types of yoga:


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