Oak Park Family Chiropractic offer a wide range of orthotics to local residents in Oak Park & surrounding areas including Essendon, Aiport West, Glenroy, Pascoe Vale, Hadfield, Strathmore, Craigieburn & Broadmeadows.

Our Chiropractors utilise Foot Levelers, a high tech computerised foot analysis system which can diagnose problems with your feet and if necessary, prescribe custom-made orthotics.

Sometimes, if not most of the time, we tend to take our feet for granted until problems develop. Foot and lower limb conditions can affect your spinal health which can in turn have an effect on the rest of your body. We recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you get pain in your feet?
  • Do you have fallen arches or flat feet?
  • Do you get back pain or spine pain?
  • Do you suffer from knee pain?
  • Do you suffer from hip pain?
  • Do you have bunions, shin splints, calluses or hammer toes?
  • Are you busy and spend a lot of the day on your feet?
  • Do you enjoy playing sport and want to perform to your best ability?

If your answer to any of these questions is a “Yes,” then take advantage of our FREE foot assessment and Scan on the Foot Levelers 3D digital foot scanner to see if you would benefit from orthotic therapy. Insoles that you buy off the shelf are not custom made. You would not wear someone else glasses, so why would you put something under your feet that has not been designed specifically for you.

Like glasses, our insoles are custom-made from a specific prescription. Therefore offering the best possible support and relief from the symptoms and conditions mentioned above is something you will benefit from. Orthotics help reduce pain throughout the feet, legs, knees, hips, and back. They can dramatically help improve and maintain a healthy posture for your spine and for the rest of your body.


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